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By Kat, Jan 6 2017 02:50PM

My name is Kat Francois and I am not a health or fitness Guru, I am just a woman trying hard to keep sane whilst changing my life through food and exercise.

In September 2015 I passed my Personal Training exam, and am now a qualified personal trainer. In June 2016 I passed my group Fitness Certification and also received a Group Fitness Circuit training certification. I am eager to gain more qualifications and look forward to putting on fitness events in 2017.

Fit Fabulous and Fierce has been up and running since July 2014. My fellow gym mates were noticing the positive changes in my body and encouraged me to start a Facebook Group, where we could help each other to keep accountable …. And so Fit Fabulous and Fierce was born “Yaaaay.”

The idea was to create a space where like-minded people could come together and help keep each other motivated.


I was forced to make some serious health changes, after being diagnosed with Adenomyosis (a form of Endometriosis) in November 2013. It is a nasty chronic condition, which was mashing me up every month and taking me out of action for at least a week, every month.

Which included extreme vomiting and extreme pain for up to four days in a row, Frequent trips to A & E, for anti sickness injections, fluids, and strong painkillers, were taking their toil, mentally and physically.

A local homeopath had been recommended to me, but being the stubborn person I am, I did not go to see him.

Finally after another trip to A&E where a Dr was kind enough to take things further, instead of just treating my symptoms (don’t get me wrong I was always happy with the treatment I received, I was always taken seriously, not once was I fobbed off, I was just eager to know what the hell was going on) he sent me for a scan and came up with a diagnosis.

Adenomyosis was something I had never heard of before, but it was good to have a name to put to my monthly madness, by the time that happened I was sick of my regular A&E visits, I was emotionally and physically exhausted, it was time for some serious changes in my life.

I finally paid the homeopath a visit and that was the start of my journey. He forced me to confront my eating habits and how they could be contributing to my condition. He made it clear I had to tackle my sugar addiction… well knock me down with a feather he might as well have just told me my other half ran off with another woman. Shocked is not the word, I was disbelieving that sugar could have anything to do with my bad periods, so much so I thought he was quack and that I was wasting time and money.

He told me he could see I was not ready to accept what he was saying so he sent me off to read about the inflammatory effects of sugar, and what can I say the rest is history.

Sugar was something I was told I should try to avoid as much as possible as well as gluten and soya. All things I had been knocking back quite happily, especially soya, as being a non-milk drinking, pescatarian, soya was my life source, soya milk, soya yogurts, soya sausages, soya, soya, soya.......

Since then I have also cut back on wheat, caffeine and gluten, tinned food and all diary products, all recommended actions for someone dealing with endometriosis or adenomyosis. It has not been easy, who doesn't like sugar or a nice slice of bread or cheese, but I can’t deny the benefits. These changes did not happen over night, this journey has been a three year journey of trail and error. It does not mean I never have these foods, it just means they are no longer part of my daily consumption.

I was a size 14 at the time… no I was not carrying a lot of excess weight, (I have been up tp a size 16 in the past) but neither was I very healthy. 3 years of limited sugar, gluten and soya, and I am now a size 10 and fitter and healthier than I have been in years.

Since October 2015 I become committed to constant exercise and am now sporting a tighter more athletic body. Although I was exercising regularly at that point, sometimes I was letting life get in the way and not exercising as much as I should. I now exercise everyday, it is a rare occasion if this does not happen, it is just what I do, no excuses it has to be done.

I promised myself no matter how busy I was, how stressed, no matter what was going on in my life I would exercise and I have kept to that promise. It has been a challenge but a worthwhile challenge. Some days it may be a Yoga session or a 30 minutes HIIT session on my stationary bike, but I always fit something in.

The benefits and how I feel about myself, are so positive that this is now a lifestyle, I can never go back to the way I was.

My period problems have not been cured but they are a lot better. I have had to have medical intervention as well but a combination of medical intervention and a better lifestyle has been the way forward. I now understand a healthier lifestyle is not a cure-all for my health aliments I still have flair ups but they are not as bad as they once were and I did not have to make one trip to the A&E throughout 2016, yaaaaah.

If you are suffering from gynaecological problems, start investigating how your diet may be adding to your woes. Sometimes the very things we do not want to give up are the very things which are causing us the most harm.

I am passionate about this. I believe everyone has to come to their own conclusions about changing their lives for the better in their own time, only then will changes be permanent, because if you can get your mind on board then anything is possible.

I had to break it down into chunks, I did not make these changes in one go, first I looked at my diet, then I moved onto exercise, the changes were slow and steady but they came. Exercise was never a problem for me, when motivated I can exercise until the cows come home, food, food was my issue!

Too much of it, too much sugar, not enough home cooking, these are all things I have worked hard on, I still have a long way to go but I am much better than I was when this journey first started. I also recognise there is no end, this journey ends when I do!

The Fit Fabulous and Fierce Facebook group is a way for me to keep on the straight and narrow, inspire and be inspired as I continue to try and improve my health through food and exercise.

The group is an online support resource where like-minded people gather to cheer each on and share their struggles.

I have learnt so much about myself, my body, my mind, my condition, about health, about fitness, I am not the girl I was three years ago and for that I am grateful because there is no turning back. This is about way more than how I look, it is about how I feel, yes looking better is a bonus but feeling better is the true cherry on top of the cake.

If anyone is struggling with their health please get in touch I am happy to pass on the info I have gathered, no one should be suffering in silence. I have learnt to be honest about my health struggles and that honesty has only bought positivity to my life.

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By Kat, Jun 13 2016 03:53PM

This journey to health and fitness has turned into a passion.

A passion which will last a lifetime.

I will trip, I will fall,I will make mistakes,

but I will keep moving it forward

and do all I can to keep fit and healthy.

Life has no guarantees but what I can do I will do.

Yesterday I gained a qualification that will enable me to teach exercises classes to groups of people.

Add that to the Personal Trainer Qualification I took last summer and my group circuit training qualification, and I think it can be said that I have become pretty obsessed with fitness. This is not a short-term project for me it's a life long commitment to better health, physically and emotionally.

I am looking forward to setting up some fitness events in the near future.

Ten things I did not know before I started taking my health and fitness seriously.

1. That my ankles, wrists and fingers would become slimmer.

2, That I could ever gain control over my sugar addiction.

3, That I could change my body so much with healthy eating and regular exercise.

4.That weight training could be so emotionally uplifting and make me feel so bloody epic,

5. That my love for running would have to be shared with my new love weightlifting.

6. That I could become so strong I constantly break sh*t around the house.

7. That I could look in the mirror and be happy with what I saw.

8.That my body could become so much fitter and healthier.

9. That exercise would become a non-negotiable part of my life.

10. That my body broken and battered by ill health, could and would become fitter and healthier.

I am also looking forward to sharing my knowledge with others, inspiring others and encoring others to take their health and fitness seriously.

This journey is not a easy one, but it is most definitely a worthwhile one.

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