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Kat's Top 5 Tips for Embracing an Healthier Lifestyle

By Kat, Jan 8 2017 01:09PM


You have to really want to change, it starts with the mind, with a decision that

you want to live a healthier life.

Only when we are really ready for change will we be able to, not a moment before.

It’s like anything in life; it’s not going to work until we are ready.

Getting ready is the challenge, have you ever tried to give up a bad habit?

Well we all know it can take a while before it all clicks, so take your time, keep going and it will happen.


Strategies; we have to put strategies in place, which will aid our goals.

Wishing, dreaming, hoping, praying, is all fine but we have to find ways to make it all work.

E.g. bringing lunch to work, meal prepping, only having water in the house.

Ridding the house of as much unhealthy food as possible.

Deciding to make water your main beverage.

Deciding only to eat out or have take- away once a week.

Make some strong decisions and stick to them, at first they may seem insurmountable but I promise after a while they will become second nature.


Committing to exercise, choose exercise, which is fun, which you will enjoy and you will want to do.

Try and commit to exercising at least 4 times a week, if not just do as much as you, some exercise is always better than none.

Make exercise a priority, write it in a diary, treat it like an important meeting. Exercise will not only make you look better, but it will also lift your mood and make you feel better, especially for those experiencing dark winter months.

If finding time to exercise is really a problem, then look for ways to be more active in your life, walking up stairs and exercise, talking walks to the shops instead of using the car.


Get help from friends family your partner, a nationalist, a dietician, a Personal

Trainer, a counsellor.

Sometimes we cannot make changes on our own, we need help, so if you need help, get it.

A lot of us may well over-eat due to emotional reasons; those reasons will have to be tackled in order to make permanent change.


Will all play a part in your results, fighting out what body type you are endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph, finding out if you have any medical conditions which could inhibit your results, what type of metabolism do you are, have. Do you gain weight easy, lose weight easy, do you find it hard to gain muscle or easy?

Are you taking medication, which may be adding to your weight gain, or inhibiting weight gain. There are many different factors to bear in mind when ring to become fitter or when trying to lose weight.


Keep track of your progress, take measurements, weigh yourself, but not too


Write down how many press up’s you managed or how long you held your plank for, or how many sit ups you knocked out.

Keeping a track is a great way to keep yourself motivated and track improvements.

Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle is not an easy decision to make.

I struggled at first, in fact I still struggle, no one no matter what they say, finds making daily healthy choices easy. What we all have to learn to do is to never give up.


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