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By Kat, Jun 13 2016 03:53PM

This journey to health and fitness has turned into a passion.

A passion which will last a lifetime.

I will trip, I will fall,I will make mistakes,

but I will keep moving it forward

and do all I can to keep fit and healthy.

Life has no guarantees but what I can do I will do.

Yesterday I gained a qualification that will enable me to teach exercises classes to groups of people.

Add that to the Personal Trainer Qualification I took last summer and my group circuit training qualification, and I think it can be said that I have become pretty obsessed with fitness. This is not a short-term project for me it's a life long commitment to better health, physically and emotionally.

I am looking forward to setting up some fitness events in the near future.

Ten things I did not know before I started taking my health and fitness seriously.

1. That my ankles, wrists and fingers would become slimmer.

2, That I could ever gain control over my sugar addiction.

3, That I could change my body so much with healthy eating and regular exercise.

4.That weight training could be so emotionally uplifting and make me feel so bloody epic,

5. That my love for running would have to be shared with my new love weightlifting.

6. That I could become so strong I constantly break sh*t around the house.

7. That I could look in the mirror and be happy with what I saw.

8.That my body could become so much fitter and healthier.

9. That exercise would become a non-negotiable part of my life.

10. That my body broken and battered by ill health, could and would become fitter and healthier.

I am also looking forward to sharing my knowledge with others, inspiring others and encoring others to take their health and fitness seriously.

This journey is not a easy one, but it is most definitely a worthwhile one.

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